Who we are and who we work with

The Front Project is an independent national enterprise focused on better outcomes for Australian children and society.

We bring the importance early years (0-5) into focus for business leaders and communities with a clear vision that all Australian children are thriving from the start and driving our national prosperity.

The Front Project is building a coalition for change by engaging with a network of influential business and community leaders who are committed to placing a new value on the early years, and expanding the strong evidence base that links the early years landscape to the 21st century skills Australians need to thrive in life and work.

We engage business and community leaders in the early years to advocate, campaign and generate positive change in Australia’s care, learning and work environments.

Our purpose is threefold:
1. Partner with influential business and community leaders to advocate for the future prosperity of Australia;

2. Drive public campaigns based on the strong evidence base that links the early years to better business outcomes;

3. Provide the tools and platforms leaders need to ignite positive systems change.

Why does Australia need The Front Project?

When children have access to a stimulating environment early in their lives, they thrive through life, and when people thrive in life and work, our national productivity, health and wellbeing is dramatically increased.

Early childhood development has lifelong outcomes. Research indicates that 90% of brain development occurs during the first five years of a child’s life. Australian research shows that children who attend early childhood program during these important years lead by a qualified learning teacher are up to 40% ahead of their peers.

We would like to acknowledge the support and collaboration of our supporters: