The link with business

The Front Project partners with influential business and community leaders to boldly advocate for children in the early years. We support our business and community leaders to become champions for children.

Our business and community leaders know they are in a unique position to stimulate positive change within early childhood education. They understand the importance of a well-educated workforce to support a strong economy. This will be even more critical in the future.

In the 21st century business needs people who know how to learn. It is possible to train people in new information, programs and contexts, but without teams that have the fundamental ability to learn and re-learn; innovation, productivity and efficiency suffer.

Investment in quality early childhood education can help build a flexible, capable workforce and a competitive Australia.

Our business leaders engage with policy makers, government and businesses to champion the benefits of an improved, high quality system.  

Join our network of influential business and become an advocate for young children:

  • Engage with your networks on the importance of policies that support children and families
  • Use your influence and help policymakers and other leaders understand the economic impact of quality early childhood education
  • Work with us to write op-eds, and blogs that highlight the impact of quality early learning on children, families, business and the community
  • Engage with parents and families in your own organisation and share information on the importance of the first five years