The evidence

Early childhood education works!

Quality early childhood education gives children benefits that carry through the rest of their lives.

Research has shown children who attend quality early childhood education are more confident and able to manage their emotions. By the time they reach primary school their literacy, numeracy and communication skills are more advanced, and they are able to focus, and problem solve.

90% of brain development happens by the time a child turns five. The early years of a child’s life presents a window for learning and development unlike any other. Between three and five there is an opportunity to lay foundations for core skills that can last a lifetime. Quality early education programs actually accelerate development of these abilities.

INFO early childhood education works

Children who have the opportunity to develop these skills early do better in school, have better health and higher earnings throughout their lives (Moffitt et al, 2011).

Children who don’t experience a quality early learning program are more likely to start school developmentally behind their peers, and never catch up. The gap can start small - by Year 3 the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged children is equivalent to one year of learning, but by Year 7 the gap has grown by 2 years (Centre for Adolescent Health, 2018).

INFO 2 early childhood education works