Future Tracks

Australia needs quality early childhood teachers to help lay the foundations for our future prosperity.

Future Tracks is a newly established social enterprise committed to transforming the perception of the value placed on the early education profession, making it an attractive career choice for young people and creating a new generation of early years teachers.

See www.futuretracks.org.au for more information


Future Tracks aims to do this by

→ enhancing industry qualifications and creating recognised and rewarding career pathways;

→ changing the value proposition for young people, qualifications and career opportunities for those looking to build their career in the early education; and

→ build leadership capability for those working within the profession through partnerships and alliances, working cross sector with schools, tertiary sector, government and business.

Our Impact

The impact of Future Tracks is to drive better outcomes for children through early education. The most effective way to do this is through quality of teaching. Future Tracks is aiming to increase both the number and quality of teachers and leaders, creating a more skilled and valued workforce and enhancing the overall image of the early years profession. Future Tracks will foster collaboration across multiple sectors in vital and ongoing roles, ensuring that there is shared responsibility for improving early years education and leadership, and for providing resources to achieve this objective.

It will directly benefit children, families and communities through the improvements of both the quality of the pedagogical practices of the present and future early childhood workforce, and the value placed on early childhood teachers as an integral part of a child’s development in the first five years of life, preparing them for success in school, work and life.

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