Enhancing Workforce Quality

Future Tracks – what's in a name?

From 19 January 2022, we’ll be saying goodbye to the Future Tracks name… but we’re not going anywhere!

To simplify and streamline our structure, the Upskill ProgramOnline Community, Transition series and mentoring experiences, which were formerly part of Future Tracks, will now come directly under the Front Project.

You can now find all the information that existed on our Future Tracks site right here on the Front Project website.

We’re excited for the year ahead and will continue to support our current program participants, mentors and members of our Online Community, and look forward to growing our programs and initiatives!

Ensuring Australian children thrive in school and throughout life

At the Front Project we believe a powerful change can be made in our society by focusing on providing quality early learning. One of the strongest drivers of quality comes from having great educators and teachers.

Our Upskill Program and Online Community provide opportunities to support the early childhood education community to achieve two main goals: 

  • To equip every early childhood education professional to create life-long impact for the children they teach and care for. 
  • To ensure that all children, especially those who face vulnerability, are engaged in high quality learning experiences. 
An educator watches a child

By working with our youngest Australians, early childhood education professionals play a pivotal role in shaping children’s learning experiences and setting them up for success in school and beyond.

Our initiatives enable early childhood teachers and educators to shape a better future for Australian children by providing:

  • an online community where early learning professionals can network as professionals and build quality in practice and service for children
  • access to experienced educators and teachers as mentors and peer professionals
  • information on new evidence and methods in the form of webinars, events or articles that support careers in early learning
  • access to opportunities to build and deepen professional identity, increase quality practice and bring together the workforce of a fragmented system
  • increasing the number of high-quality teachers in the workforce
  • professional and career development opportunities for educators to become teachers.