Enhancing Workforce Quality


Ensuring Australian children thrive in school and throughout life

At The Front Project we believe a powerful change can be made in our society by focusing on providing quality early learning. One of the strongest drivers of quality comes from having great teachers. 

Future Tracks is a social enterprise that works closely with the early childhood education community to achieve two main goals: 

  • To equip every early childhood education professional to create life-long impact for the children they teach and care for. 
  • To ensure that all children, especially those who face vulnerability, are engaged in high quality learning experiences. 

By working with our youngest Australians, early childhood education professionals play a pivotal role in shaping children’s lives by preparing them to enter and succeed in school and beyond. Future Tracks enables early childhood teachers and leaders to shape a better future for Australian children by providing:

  • A networking hub where early learning professionals can meet and discuss ideas
  • Access to online resources and tools so that will assist testing, prototyping or generating new methods to address children’s needs
  • Information on new evidence and methods in the form of webinars, events or articles that support careers in early learning
  • Access to specialist areas that emerge as key to supporting children and their families.

To find out more, visit Future Tracks