Who are The Apiary Fellows?


Apiary Fellows are individuals with wide-ranging experiences and perspectives across the early childhood education sector. They join The Apiary to learn more about their own and other experiences, become leaders and take action to improve outcomes for children.

They could be part of the sector by working at an early learning centre, for a provider or for a peak body. They could contribute to the sector through research, workforce development or policy design. They could also experience the sector as a parent or carer of young children, an employer of parents and carers or through work that intersects with the sector, such as community service or health care.

They are people who:

  • are connected to and passionate about the early childhood education sector
  • are committed to creating a thriving future for children in Australia
  • are willing and ready to learn, think, debate, and act in collaboration with others
  • have aspirations to lead and influence change.

2022 Apiary Fellows

The Front Project warmly welcome the new cohort of fellows into the Apiary Fellowship.

Our new fellows will be Convening over the next year, August in Adelaide, October in Canberra and again in March 2023 on the east coast to learn and apply the theory, skills and mindsets of systemic leadership to create change for children in Australia.

The Inaugural Apiary Fellows

The Apiary Fellowship was initiated in 2019, with a cross section of leaders from the early learning system. Encompassing peak bodies, representatives from the spectrum of early learning settings, including teachers and pedagogical leads, the inaugural cohort set out with the Front Project on a journey to build capacity in systemic leadership, grow understanding of the system, and undertake collective action.

2020 Apiary Fellows

We welcomed a new cohort of Apiary Fellows in 2020. As the second cohort to be appointed since the program’s inception, the 18 new additions joined the inaugural group of 10 Fellows.

We asked each of our new Fellows to share their visions and hopes for what the early childhood education sector could look and feel like for teachers and educators, children and families in the next five to ten years, and this is what they had to say...

Apiary Alumni

In addition to our current Fellows, we also recognise Fellows who have stepped out of an active role within the collective as Apiary Alumni.