Lennie Barblett

Lennie’s experiences range from being an early childhood educator for fifteen years mainly in vulnerable communities (remote, rural and metro) to university teaching, research, writing and advocacy.

Lennie’s advocacy work focuses on social justice and universal access to quality early childhood programs that benefit children, families and their communities. She works with organisations (govt and non-govt), advocacy groups and with many people across a wide context of early childhood settings e.g., schools, early childhood settings, playgroups, family and community centres, government committees and projects, research centres and teaching early childhood pre-service and post graduate early childhood students.

“The early childhood education sector needs a knowledgeable, skilled, well-remunerated, and healthy workforce. This will ensure we can create and deliver dynamic programs for children, families and their communities. These programs should be universally accessible from the prenatal stage and throughout childhood. My vision for the sector is one that invites and welcomes participation and comment from a variety of audiences, to further support the journey towards transformational change.”