About us

We are an independent national enterprise working to improve quality and create positive change in Australia’s early childhood education system.

We work with government, business and the early education sector to improve outcomes for children and increase the short and long-term gains for Australia.

We find innovative solutions that create impact in all parts of the system so that all children can thrive, regardless of the different challenges they experience.

We know high quality early education lays foundations for children that can last a lifetime while providing huge benefits to our society and the future prosperity of Australia. We will see the full benefits when all children can access the early education they need to overcome vulnerabilities and have healthy, successful lives.

Vision & Purpose

All Australian children are thriving from the start and driving our future prosperity.

How we work

We create positive change across Australia’s early childhood education system through:

Research and Policy Research and policy
We provide evidence and expert insights for how to support a high-quality early learning system so all children benefit and progress.
Empowering Leaders Empowering leaders
We connect leaders from the early learning sector and equip them with necessary tools to ignite change and improve quality
Campaigning for Change Campaigning for change
We consistently advocate for universal access to high quality early education programs that work for families, especially those experiencing disadvantage.
Collaborative Innovation Collaborative innovation
We co-design and implementing original program solutions that address gaps and strengthen the early learning system.
Active Influence Active influence
We create opportunities for our network of influential business and community leaders to boldly advocate for high quality early learning.



Our work is supported by: 


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