About Us

The Front Project is an independent, national enterprise addressing disadvantage and improving outcomes for children, families and society by realising the benefits of quality early learning.

We believe improving the quality of our nation’s early childhood education system will give all children the opportunity to thrive, regardless of the challenges they face. Beyond this, it will help build a smarter and more successful Australia.


Vision & Purpose

We believe an Australia that addresses disadvantage through early education will mean more successful young people, a happier society and a stronger economy.


Addressing Disadvantage

We work to reduce disadvantage by ensuring all Australian children and families can benefit from quality early learning.


Systems change

We identify and respond to opportunities for change across the entire ECEC system to ensure better outcomes for children who need the most support from early learning.



Our board and team are made up of experienced, passionate and bold champions for improving systems to remove barriers that lead to disadvantage.