About Us

The Front Project is an independent, national enterprise that works to improve quality and access in Australia’s early childhood education system.

We believe improving the quality of our nation’s early childhood education system will give all children the opportunity to thrive, regardless of the challenges they face. Beyond this, it will help build a smarter and more successful Australia.


Vision & Purpose

Australia that invests in its children through early education will equal successful young people, a happier society and a stronger economy


How We Work

We work to create positive change across Australia’s early childhood education system, through a powerful combination of advocacy and research.


Addressing Disadvantage

Our team is committed to addressing disadvantage, by working to make sure every Australian child has access to quality early learning options, setting them up for a brighter future.


Systems change

We identify and respond to opportunities for change across the entire ECEC system to ensure better outcomes for all children.



The Front Project is an independent national enterprise with a Board and team of experienced, passionate and bold champions for children.