How we work

The Front Project works across the entire early learning system, connecting with people who work in and on the system and have the potential to effect change and remove barriers that disadvantage children and families.

This is a Systems Change approach that looks at the big picture to find out what we can do to ensure our ECEC system becomes the best it can be today and continues to deliver for generations to come. Read more about The Front Project’s approach to Systems Change.


Working with business and community leaders and creating opportunities to boldly advocate for high quality early learning solutions.

Campaigning for change by advocating for universal access to early childhood education programs, including two years of preschool.

Innovating collaboratively to design and implement new learning solutions that address gaps and strengthen the system.

Conducting research that offers evidence to support expert insights about what a good early childhood education system looks like for Australia.

Empowering education sector leaders by equipping them with tools to help ignite change and improve quality.

Publishing resources including evidence-based research papers and reports to support early childhood education advocacy and delivery.

Strategic anchor and imperatives

Our strategic anchor and imperatives are the guiding principles under which we approach our systems change activities.

Strategic anchor

ECEC has the potential to address children’s experiences of inequity, vulnerability, and intergenerational disadvantage, delivering both immediate and lifetime impacts.


Strategic imperatives

Imperative 1: Building and shaping the dominant narratives

Growing awareness of and belief in the multiple benefits that ECEC delivers, and supporting our communities to further this work in their own voices.

Engaging the Voices of children and families

Please read our operational guidelines to organisations to support children and young people to participate in a variety of ways at different levels in environments familiar to them, for example, early learning settings, playgroup, community and health settings.

Ethical Consideration and Principles

Our supporters

Our important work is made possible by funding from the Paul Ramsay Foundation, which is committed to breaking cycles of disadvantage by investing in partnerships with organisations that share this vision.

The Foundation’s support of the Front Project reflects our shared goal of helping young Australians overcome barriers to high-quality early childhood education and lift themselves out of cycles of disadvantage. We do this through direct work with educators and collaboration with industry, business and community leaders.

The Front Project also enjoys the support of the Woodside Development Fund, which shares our commitment to ensuring every child thrives in their development, learning and life. 

The Fund achieves this by supporting programs and organisations that work to decrease developmental vulnerability and improve outcomes for children between birth and the age of eight.

Paul Ramsay Foundation