Lisa Walker

Lisa works on the Grassroots level as it is her way of giving back to her mob as she supports jarjums (children) in their learning and advocates for their families by being their first point of call and breaking down cultural barriers within the wider community.

For the past 4 years Lisa has been a Senior Educator with Goodstart and has now taken up a role as Cultural Design Lead. Locally, she is on the Board of Directors at Jumbunna Early Intervention and Community Preschool, she is a trained facilitator in various parenting programs and a Cultural Consultant within the Bundjalung Nation. Nationally she has joined the Big Steps – United Workers Union Special Learning Reference Group and Globally she is currently working on a Nationwide Advocacy Project as a Global Leader for the World Forum Foundation in America as well as representing her people in the World Forum Foundation Indigenous Peoples Action Group. Lisa believes we have the most important role as Early Childhood educators in changing this country and moving forward. We have the next generation in our hands who are open minded and willing to learn, so let’s teach them, it’s time.

“Most Australians are increasingly wanting to learn more about our true history and diverse culture and, like all learning, the best place to start is in the early years. They must work alongside us to better understand the true richness across our nation so we can move forward together on our cultural journey.”