A heartfelt thank you as we celebrate Australia's early childhood educators

Every year, Early Childhood Educators' Day puts a spotlight on the incredible commitment of Australia's early learning educators. They play a crucial role in shaping children's well-being, creating a strong academic foundation, and supporting developmental milestones in those important early years. It's a celebration; AND it's a heartfelt 'thank you'.

The acknowledgement of the contribution of educators goes on beyond just one day; their hard work builds the base for a brighter tomorrow. They don't just teach; they inspire a lifelong love for learning, paving a path for success.

We recently had the opportunity to converse with several educators on social media, in person, and through our Online Community, and gather their thoughts on their work, the future of early childhood education and its challenges.

When we asked educators about the most rewarding aspect of their work, they spoke of creating opportunities for parents to see their children from new and different perspectives, thus giving them a chance to rediscover their children in a new light. These educators empower parents to observe their child's captivating, capable, creative, and resilient nature. In a world where time often rushes by, they help families pause and genuinely see their child's blossoming journey.

A seasoned early childhood educator stressed the significance of having an intentional teaching plan. With over a decade of experience, their enthusiasm was evident. They firmly believed that all children and families should have access to high-quality early childhood education and care. This aligns with the notion that early childhood education should be acknowledged as a vital part of the broader education system, with children at its core.

Speaking about the future, their responses highlighted a strong belief in maintaining intentional play-based education at the forefront. They emphasised the importance of not only nurturing play into the school years, and also helping parents grasp its significance and encouraging them to continue this approach at home. They believe that this combined effort can pave the way for a brighter and more enriching educational journey for our young learners.

Amid these celebrations lies a grander notion – a chance for leaders, the early childhood education sector, and the wider community to unite. By working together, we aim for improved outcomes that empower each child to have the best start in life.