Kim Davis

Kim’s career to date has always been within the early childhood sector.

Starting out as a Group Leader in Occasional Care in the Northern Territory, to now leading the education arm ECMS, she has worked with and alongside children, families, communities and colleagues in the day-to-day delivery of high-quality early childhood programs. Kim has undertaken the role of lecturer within a dual institution, offering TAFE and higher education degrees. She has previously worked within the Inclusion Support Program, leading a regional agency and for large non-profit ECEC organisations across three states in leadership roles, facilitating high quality outcomes for children and the workforce.

“Fundamentally, the future success of the sector will be built upon strengthened government and community support. This support will be based on an understanding of the value, role and importance of education during a child’s first 1,000 days. Regulations and policy positions should be about more than simply meeting minimum standards. Instead they should be driven by what is best for our children. Evidenced-based pedagogical practice should be the standard, with contemporary professional development opportunities readily accessible. And based on all of the above, I hope to see our committed and passionate workforce appropriately recompensed for their skills and qualifications, and the impact they make.”