Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can we use our own Parent Consent Form?

A. No. we would prefer that the template provided is used, however, if there is anything additional required by your organisation we can work with you to adapt the template provide.

Q. Can you do the Post Cards to the future activity in small groups?

A.  Yes you can as long as each child has the opportunity to provide their input to an adult individually and that is recorded on the back of the postcard.

Q. What happens if we cannot implement the activities on the nominated date?

A. We understand that sometimes it may not be possible for a number of reasons to implement the activities as planned. The planned date can be changed for this reason and we encourage you to record the reasons why the date was changed.

Q. Can we withdraw participation if we have already signed up?

A. Yes you can withdraw if you are unable to implement the activities. You will need to advise us of your intent to withdraw.

Q. What happens if there is something in the Collaboration Agreement that we would like amended?

A. Send us an email to detailing the request and we will investigate whether we can accommodate the suggested amendments.

Q. How can I involve parents in these activities?

A.  Parents can be involved in a number of ways, either in the setting that their child participates in or with their child on their own at home.

Q. How can I involve our staff in these activities?

A. Staff can be involved by supporting each other with the implementation of the activities, they can facilitate the implementation of the activities with children and their parents, and they can also participate in the activities themselves, for example at a staff meeting.

Q. Do you have suggestions for how I could explain ‘the future’ to children?

A. We want to help children use their imagination by prompting with open ended questions about what they would like to see in the future, how it might feel and what it might look like. The future will look different to each child and their perspectives individually, and together will help create innovative ideas and solutions for the future of early learning. There are many possible futures and the aim is elicit a range of creative and unique insights from children, that will be transferable to tangible solutions.

Q. What happens after we submit our responses?

A. After your responses are submitted, the data and outputs will be collated and analysed. A final report will be available at the end of April 2023.

Q. If I want to access my organisation’s data, how can I go about it?

A. Send us an email to and we can arrange for your data to be sent to you.

Q. Can an Outside School Hours Care setting participate in the activities?

A. Yes they can. Whilst our ask for this project is to focus on engaging the voices of children aged 3-6 years, we would be interested in collecting data and outputs of older children as well.