Early learning connection hub brings community support online in wake of pandemic

new Online Community will see some of the hardest working “unsung heroes” throughout the pandemic get the support they need to continue supporting others.

From Monday 18 October, early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals can accessa new online community for a special introductory price of– free.   

The Online Communityhas been built by the team at the Front Project, who are curating this platform in collaboration with the sector for educators and teachers to come together to support one another, seek answers to questions and build their networks.

The Front Project CEO, Jane Hunt, said that through their research and collaborative work it has become clear that ECEC professionals need and deserve an online space where they can enjoy opportunities for collaboration with peers from all parts of the sector and all over the country.

“We have heard stories from educators and teachers about feeling isolated, losing connection with their peers and having trouble navigating change and uncertainty,” Ms Hunt said. 

“We have been working to build an online community that is for professionals working directly with children and families in early learning to sharetheir professional skills and knowledgebroaden their networks and share high-quality programs and experiences across different settings and postcodes.

“We know that this forum can help address issues around connection and understanding change, so we are offering free access until the end of January to allow teachers and educators to have somewhere to go to seek support through the next phase of the pandemic.”

Anyone working directly with children and families in the ECEC sector can join the Online Community and access its features for no cost until the end of January next year. 

Ms Hunt says she hopes early learning professionals can feel more connected and supported by having a professionally moderated place to build professional identity, safely ask questions, hold robust discussions and hear insights about what their peers are experiencing as they continue their work to support children and families.

“We hope our online community will be a place to find anything you need to provide the best experiences for children and ensure a strong future for early childhood education in Australia,” Ms Hunt explained.

As the online community grows, itwill be the one place educators and teachers go to:

  • seek peer support and advice
  • enjoy moderated and safe robust discussions
  • discover the latest resources and tools 
  • seek a mentor
  • attend professional development webinars and events
  • enjoy opportunities for collaboration across settings and regions
  • learn about new and improved practices 
  • gain a deeper understanding of leadership and upskilling pathways.

Register now for free access until the end of January at: https://www.thefrontproject.org.au/initiatives/online-community

The Front Project is an independent, national enterprise working to address disadvantage by creating positive change in Australia’s early childhood education system.