Addressing Disadvantage

The Front Project is committed to addressing disadvantage by:

  • making sure every child can access early learning, and 
  • improving the quality of the care and education they receive. 

Delivered correctly, early childhood education has the potential to set children up for life. It helps them build vital social and emotional skills, and supports brain development during a time when their minds are growing the fastest.

Over and above the benefits for children themselves, early education has a range of extra advantages. These include freeing up parents to continue with their careers, helping communities to flourish, and strengthening the economy.


Supporting vulnerable children to learn and grow

Every year, more than 60,000 Australian children (or one in five) start school with what can be classed as significant vulnerabilities.

Often, these children have not developed the foundational capabilities associated with early learning such as communication, relationship building, understanding instructions, regulating emotions, foundational literacy and math skills.

Some children are at higher risk of missing out on the benefits of early education, in particular those from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, regional and remote communities, and low income households.