Workshop Explainer– Future Visioning – Transformative Scenarios

In June 2023, the Front Project and The Apiary Fellowship (supported by Orange Compass) hosted three stand-alone Transformative Scenario workshops as part of the Transforming Early Learning (TEL) initiative.

These were primarily designed for practitioners, thinkers and adaptive leaders in the early learning space in Western Australia, Tasmania, and South Australia. With the inclusion of workshop participants in these areas, we collaboratively generated a more holistic vision for the future of early learning in Australia, one that is more broadly reflective and inclusive of diverse perspectives, insights, and lived experiences of those living and working across the country.

Two of three Transformative Scenario Workshops were online for people based in Tasmania and South Australia, and one in-person workshop was held at Cliftons in Perth, WA. We were delighted 28 people attended from across the early learning space and related systems such as infant and maternal mental health, nutrition, and more.

Ultimately, attendees contributed a fresh set of insights and ideas around the future vision for early learning whilst also building upon and evolving the work of their friends/colleagues from the Summit last October.

To find out more about the ideas generated, please access the report here.