Early Childhood Teachers and Educators Survey

The Front Project has asked almost 1500 early childhood teachers and educators about how COVID-19 has impacted early learning and what they see for the future. This paper shares insights and analysis of their responses.

The survey responses show that experiences have been very different for teachers and educators throughout the pandemic. Early learning is delivered in many different settings, through different types of providers (large, small, for profit, not-for-profit) and education programs are designed to meet unique needs of many different children and families.

Despite this variety of experiences and settings, the consistency among all responses is a commitment to providing the highest quality education and care for children.

Key insights:

  • Experiences varied greatly between individuals, centres and states and territories.
  • Some respondents experienced stress from working under uncertain conditions, concern about funding stability or seeing signs that disadvantage is increasing.
  • Other respondents saw opportunities emerging, such as gaining new skills, improving knowledge of practice and strengthening relationships with children and families.

Teachers and educators supporting each other

Research and Policy

Keep talking to families about all the things you can do to support children’s learning and wellbeing.

Empowering Leaders

Reach out and connect with other teachers and educators.

Campaigning for Change

Write to your local MP to share your experience and invite them to visit when it’s safe to do so.

Collaborative Innovation

Reflect on the innovations and new ways of working you have adopted during COVID-19 – what are you proud of and what do you want to take forward?

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